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Vehicle GPS Anti-Theft
Tips and News

You should lock up your car when leaving it unattended - especially in big parking lots, shopping malls, and garages (likely hangouts for thieves).  Always roll up the windows.  Try to park in safe, guarded, and well-lighted areas.

Buy a car alarm system and always activate it.

Record your GPS serial number.  Take a photo of the GPS prior to installation as this will help document the fact that you owned one.  If your GPS is stolen then provide a copy of the photo and the serial number to the police.

You should register your GPS serial number with the manufacturer so that you can prove the GPS belongs to you.

Don't leave the GPS in your automobile unless necessary.  If you do leave the GPS in your vehicle then at least cover it up with something, put it in the trunk, or put it into the glove compartment.

Remove the GPS mount from the dashboard or the windshield.  Hide the telltale windshield rings the GPS will leave on the windshield glass.  Wipe this mark clean with a cloth.

To eliminate the windshield mounting mark of a GPS you should consider using a friction mount for the dashboard.

Some GPS units have a user password or locking feature.  Use this security feature if for no other reason than to defeat the criminal from being able to get monetary value from stolen goods.  It will leave you with at least some satisfaction!

Some of the newer, more expensive phones now have a GPS capability.  While not as user friendly they are less prone to being stolen.



News Articles About Vehicle GPS Thefts

April 30, 2008.  "Protect your GPS unit from car thieves".  MSNBC.

October 11, 2007.  "OnStar To Add Stolen Vehicle Slowdown Feature".

September 23, 2007.  "GPS Theft On The Rise - Windshield Mounts Tip Off Thieves".  GPS Magazine.

August 10, 2007.  "Cops warn of auto burglars targeting GPS devices".  San Jose Mercury News.





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