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Security Blogs

The following links provide information about security, safety, terrorism, intelligence, war, conflict, counterinsurgency, Iraq war, war in Afghanistan, and homeland defense blogs.  If you know of a blog that deals with any of these topics that you would like to recommend then send an email to staff @

Blog Topics on this Page

Aviation Safety & Security
Competitive Intelligence
Computer Security
Government Security
Homeland Security
National Security

Aviation Safety and Security Blogs News.  Electronic Newsletter by  (Free).

Aviation Week's eBulletin 

Travel Security.  A blog with news and commentary about travel security.

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Competitive Intelligence Blogs

Competitive Intelligence Worldwide

Cooperative Intelligence Blog

Intelligence for Business.  Blog on competitive intelligence.

Knowledge is Power.  "A forum for the competitive intelligence community".

Market Intelligences Blog.  by SIS International.

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Computer and Network Security Blogs

1 Raindrop.  Distributed systems, security, and software.

CSO Online Security Blogs.

Dark Matters - Superior Attack Intelligence

Dark Net

Paul's Down-Home Page.  Exchange, messaging, security, and more.

Network Security Blog.  "The views of one man on security, privacy, and anything else that catches his attention".

SANS Institute Computer Security Newsletters and Digests.

Security Incite.  Mike Rothman's blog.  Analysis on information security.

Speaking of Security.  The RSA blog and podcast.

TaoSecurity.  Digital security, monitoring, incident response, and forensics.

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Government Security Blogs

Safety & Security Newsletter.  Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

DIPNOTE. U.S. Department of State Official Blog.

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Homeland Security Blogs

TSA Social Media Directory  Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Hometown Security.  Homeland security with a local focus.  By a Senior Fellow at the National Institute of Strategic Preparedness (NISP).

Homeland Security Watch.  News and analysis of critical issues in homeland security.

Homeland Stupidity.  Protecting the government for homeland stupidity.

In Homeland Security.  News and analysis of critical issues in terrorism and homeland defense.

Department of Homeland Security Blog.  Sponsored by DHS with commentary from leading figures in the DHS.

Stephenson blogs on homeland security 2.0 et al.

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Intelligence Blogs

AFCEA Intelligence Blog.  The Association for Intelligence Professionals.

Covert Contact.

GroupIntel.  Social networking for intelligence professionals. (Defunct).

IMINT & Analysis.  Open source military intelligence blog.

In From The Cold.  Musings on life, politics, military affairs, intelligence and more.

Intel Dump.  The Washington Post.

Intelligence Ethics. A specialized intelligence blog written by experts.

Jesse Wilson's Web Log.  Intel topics.

JIOX.  Intelligence tradecraft & analysis.

Kent's Imperative.  The art & science of intelligence and literature of intelligence.

Secrecy News.  From the Federation of American Scientists (FAS).

Sources and Methods.  Teaching intelligence.

The Spy Who Billed Me.  Outsourcing the war on terror.  Learn dirty secrets of Blackwater and other private military corporations here.  Stuff on intelligence, spies, mercenaries, private intel corporations, and the war on terror.

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National Security Blogs

Best Defense. By Tom Ricks on Foriegn Policy.

Blogs of War. National security news.

Geopolitical Dairy.  Stratfor.  (Must be a subscriber to Stratfor information services).

Middle East Strategy at Harvard.  Harvard Law School Blog.

Nukes & Spooks.  McClatchy Trusted Voices.

PAXsims - Simulations, conflict, peacebuilding, and development, and training.

Security Dilemmas.  A blog by a professor of international relations.

United States Naval Institute Blog.

War on the Rocks Blogs.

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Safety Blogs

The Health and Safety Report.  Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.  Monthly electronic newsletter.  (Free).

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Security Blogs

Maine Safety and Security Blog.  Blog on security, safety, homeland defense, law enforcement and other related issues for the state of Maine.

Airship.  A blog about video surveillance equipment.

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Blog.  Security systems information.

Community Security.  The Provident Blog.  Home and community security issues on Vancouver's Westside.

Crime Analyst Hotspot

Krebs on Security. In-depth secuirty news and investigation.

Liquid Matrix Security Digest.

myfacilitiesnet.  A blog on facilities management.

NGO Security.  NGO security news and views.

Patronus Analytical.  A thoughtful, analytical approach to NGO security.

Security Blogs.  by Security Systems News.

Rescue Wire.  A blog by Global Rescue; a firm providing medical evacuation and security services around the world.

Schneier on Security.  A blog covering security and security technology.

Security Distributor Magazine (SDM) Blog.  SDM Blog.

Security Dreamer.  "The Future of Security".  By Steve Hunt. Blog.

TASER International Blog.

The Confidential Resource.  Sources & methods for the investigator.

WhisprWave.  Port security, maritime security, and homeland security blog.

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Terrorism Blogs

Anand Gopal Global Dispatches.  A correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor blogs on the Global War on Terror.

Counterterrorism Blog.  Widely read blog on counterterrorism.

EagleSpeak.  A blog by an attorney and former naval officer about piracy, maritime security and other stuff.

Global Guerrillas.  Interesting, strange, out there . . .  but has some good posts.

Global Terrorism Analysis.  The Jamestown Foundation.  An in-depth analysis of al-Qaeda and the war on terror. Terrorism Monitor.

Jihad Watch.

Le Front Asymetrique.  A French language blog about terrorism, insurrections and guerillas.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism Blog.


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