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Wood Stove Safety

Wood stoves are great for creating atmosphere, saving on heating costs, and providing warmth during power outages when the gas or oil burner isn't working. However, they can be dangerous as well if some basic safety rules are not followed. Installation and misuse can lead to a fire hazard.

Web Resources on Wood Stove Safety

Wood Stove Safety. Insurance Information Institute. This webpage provides a list of "Dos" and "Don'ts" for wood stoves.

Wood Burning Stove Safety Tips to Avoid Fires. Nationwide Insurance.

Wood Stove Safety. Farm Bureau Insurance. . . . /wood-stove-safety/

Proper Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of a Wood Stove. National Ag Safety Datebase - Colorado State University Extension. . . . maintenance-of-a-wood.html

Wood Stove Selection

Your wood stove should be made of a suitable material that is sturdy - such as cast iron or steel. They should be listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or some other recongized testing laboratory.

Installation of a Wood Stove

You should check with the local authorities for any building and fire codes. Pick an appropriate location for your wood stove. If it is against a wall much of the heat may not get to the other parts of your building; a center location is better for heat dispursal. If your wood stove is located at the bottom of the stairs much of the heat may go to the upper floor. Ensure you have proper clearance from any combustable material and you have a heat-resistant flooring.

News Articles about Wood Stove Safety

January 2012. "How Safe is Your Wood-Burning Stove?" Joseph D. Conrad Insurance Agency.

December 6, 2005. "Wood-Burning Stoves Pose Hazards". CBS News. With oil and gas prices soaring, more Americans are using wood-burning stoves to heat their homes - but owners can be in big trouble if they aren't careful.

Jan-Feb 1980. "Wood Stove Safety". Mother Earth News. Wood stove safety is a little more complicated than most people realize. Here is some basic information to help you do it right.





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