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Coliform Bacteria

Coliform bacteria make up a large group of bacteria that are found in soils, on plants, and in surface water. Certain coliform bacteria live in the intestines of humans and animals. Coliforms are not harmful themselves, but when present in drinking water, disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites may have gotten into the water supply by the same route as the coliforms.

Treatment. Water containing coliform bacteria should be tested for other E. coli and other fecal coliforms. In addition, the water should be treated disinfected with chlorine bleach. It is best to have the treatment done by a professional plumber.

Website Resources about Coliform Bacteria

Coliform Bacteria Fact Sheet - Division of Public Health Systems

"Treating our coliform infested well". HinesSight, June 18, 2008.

"Cleaning a Water Well System". Professional Home Inspection.

Coliform Bacteria. Penn State Extension. . . . /coliform-bacteria

"What Every Realtor Should Know About Private Drinking Water Wells"
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - New England

Website Resources about Ground Water

Ground Water & Drinking Water. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Drinking Water Contaminants - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Basic Information about Pathogens and Indicators in Drinking Water, EPA

National Ground Water Association

Bacteria and Water Wells. American Ground Water Trust.

Water Resources of the United States

Protecting Your Well by Shock Chlorination. Mississippi State University

Coliform Bacteria in Your Water. University of Georgia Extension

Private Water Wells

Private Drinking Water Wells - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Well and Water System Disinfection for Private Wells. Minnesota Department of Health

Private Water Wells. Cornerstone Home Inspections, Waterville, Maine

"How to Disinfect Your Well". University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Water Filtration Systems

Water Filter Buying Guide by National Geographic

"The Nitty Gritty of Filter Types and Technolgies" by Environmental Working Group

UV Light Systems & How They Clean Water by Clean Technica

Well Treatment by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

A Guide to Drinking Water Treatment Technologies for Household Use - CDC

Home Drinking Water - Quality and Treatment by NSF International

Water Treatment Systems - Consumer Affairs

Home Water Treatment by Cornell University Cooperative Extension

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"Disinfection of Drinking Water using UV Light", Water Bulletin, Spring 2003. Water Quality Program, College of Human Ecology, Cornell University.

Maine Firms Providing Water Treatment Services

Affordable Water Treatment of Maine
Litchfield and Greene, Maine

Goodwin Well & Water, Inc.
2282 Auburn Road, PO Box 661, North Turner, ME 04266

Air & Water Quality
Freeport & Ellworth, Maine

EverClean Water Treatment Systems, Inc.
St. Albans, Maine

Ward Water, Inc.
Steep Falls, Maine 04085

Water Treatment Equipment, Inc.
Yarmouth, Maine

Haskell's Water Treatment
Rockland, Maine

Norlen's Water Treatment, LLC
Orrington, Maine





EPA - Safewater Groundwater

How to Adjust the pH Level
of Your Well Water


Water Quality Association

Affordable Water Treatment Maine

Goodwin Well & Water Inc. Maine


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