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Laptop Computer Security

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Laptop Computer Security Info and Tips

*  Don't Bring It!  The simplest solution is to leave the computer in the office or at home and use a flash drive for access to documents, remotely log in to your office computer over the Internet, or don't do any computer work on the road.  You won't lose or have your computer stolen this way.  But then productivity falls dramatically.

*  Encryption of computer hard disk.  Use an encryption program to protect your files.  If you laptop is lost your files are safe.  Read this online article about computer data encryption.

*  Keep your anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware security software applications up-to-date.

*  Store important and confidential data on a device such as flash drive, CD-ROM, or DVD-ROM.

*  Never loose sight of your computer.  If you are watching your computer it won't get stolen and it is less likely to get lost.  How can you loose it?  Putting your computer bag down while checking into the airport, leaving it in a taxi, forgetting about it after having lunch at a restaurant, etc.

*  Change log-on password frequently.  Use passwords for confidential files.

*  Airport Security Screening Stations.  Surprisingly, with all the security folks hanging around, laptops are still separated from their owners. Still vigilant throughout the airport security screening process.

*  Use a motion detection laptop alarm.  Some alarms plug into your laptop's PC card slot.  When it is moves the alarm goes off.

*  Hotel Room and Vehicles.  If you leave your computer in the hotel room, at least put it in the hotel room safe.  If you have to leave it in a car - put it in the trunk.  Use some hotel security measures to avoid having your laptop stolen - such as leaving your TV on, lights on with curtains shut, and hang a "do not disturb sign on door handle" to present the appearance of someone in your hotel room. If you do leave your laptop set up in your hotel room then secure it to a piece of furniture with a security cable.

*  Coffee-shop Security.  In urban areas with a prevalence of coffee shops laptops are increasing being stolen.  Look up from your computer from time to time.  Never leave the laptop on the floor in its bag next to your seat or table.  Never leave the laptop by itself if you need to run to the bathroom.  Be choosy of the part of town that you sit down in for coffee!

*  Cable-Lock.  These are $40 or so.  Wrap the cable around a stationary object and then lock it to the computer.

*  Always Carry-on, Never Checked Luggage.  Use a carry-on bag while traveling on airlines, don't check your computer in your checked luggage.  Use a backpack instead of a computer carrying bag.  It is less noticeable to thieves.

*  Record your computer serial number and model name and number.

*  If your computer is stolen visit  Report the theft to hotel management and hotel security (if there is any).

*  Report a stolen computer to the local police.

More Laptop Computer Security Info and Tips

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Computer Security Resources on the Internet

PGP Whole Disk Encryption.  Protect you laptop data.


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Home > Travel Security > Laptop Security




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