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Monitored Alarm Systems

Homeowners can have a home security system that is monitored by a central monitoring station. If there is an alarm such as an intrusion, fire, smoke, etc. the home alarm system sends a signal to the central monitoring station. The station, manned by personnel 24/7, will respond based on previously agreed upon conditions - such as sending a security firm patrol car, calling your home phone or cell phone, or notifying police, relatives, friends or neighbors.

Cost of a Central Monitoring Station Service.  You will have a monthly monitoring fee of $10 to $100 a month. Many security firms will install the equipment for minimal cost but then make their profit on the monthly monitoring fee. Some central monitoring stations will not monitor home security systems that they did not install; while others will.

Various types of alarms. There are a number of different alarms that can be sent to the central monitoring station. The alarms sent depends on the type of equipment and complexity of the system that you have installed in your home. Basic security systems have intrusion detection signals sent over the home phone line. Other types of signals or alarms that can be sent include heat, flood or water, carbon monoxide, anti-tamper, and panic alarms. These can be sent via phone line, cell phone, broadband cable, or other transmitting means.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
on Monitored Alarm Systems

What will the monthly monitoring fee be? Usually between $10 to $100 dollars. Keep in mind you get what you pay for.

What is a "monitored" home security system? The basic home security system operates a visual and/or audio signal within (and maybe outside) the home. This alerts the home residents (and maybe neighbors) that there has been an intrusion or some type of emergency. Some systems will send a signal to a central monitoring station who will respond by sending police or security to investigate or to simply call a contact number to verify an intrusion or emergency. Many home security systems will incorporate both - internal alarms in the home and the signal to the central monitoring station.

Can I hook my self-installed alarm system to a central monitoring station? Yes, you can. You can have your self-installed system monitored 24/7 by a central station. This will provide for the dispatch of fire, police, or medical assistance should you have an emergency.

How long is the contract for a monitoring agreement? Most will ask for a long-term contract arrangement - especially if the firm installs the equipment for you. There are some that will provide one-year long contracts instead of multi-year contracts.

What firms offer alarm monitoring service? There are a lot of small firms with their own central monitoring stations. Then there are the national firms such as ADT, Broadview, and Protection One.


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Home > Home Security > Monitored Alarm Systems




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