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Home Security Fences

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Homeowners can have increased security with a minimum of cost by installing home security fences.  Fences assist the homeowners with approaching home security in terms of layers or zones of security.

Outer Layer of Security.  The outer layer of security for a home can be  comprised of walls and fences, trees and shrubs, dogs, and warning signs.  Fences are used by many homeowners as the outer layer of security.

Fences.  Fences will provide a measure of security but sometimes they hinder security.  A fence will force a criminal to scale it - thereby alerting anyone else observing this act as viewing it suspiciously.  Fences will provide a "psychological barrier" to some would-be criminals - meaning that the act of climbing over a fence will discourage some folks from wandering into a yard.  However, in general, fences will deter some and slow down others; they will not stop a determined criminal.  In addition, depending on the type of fence, they have been known to aid the criminal.  A high wooden fence that cannot be seen through will provide a degree of privacy to a criminal; however it can also shield a criminals actions once he is inside the fence line.  A wooden picket fence or chain-link fence establishes a psychological security perimeter yet still allows neighbors to observe what is going on in your yard inside the fence line.

Information on Security Perimeter Fences

Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute

American Fence Association

"Expert Fence Advice".  Master Halco.

"Introduction to Fences".  Home Security Guru.

Building Fences.  About Home.


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Home > Home Security> Home Security Fences



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