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Home > Home Security > Home Security Checklist

Home Security Checklist

Description Yes No
Are fences low and open so intruders can be seen between your fence line and house?    
Are trees and shrubs trimmed back so they cannot be used to hide criminals seeking to enter your home?    
If you have moved into a new home - have you changed out the locks?    
Are your sliding-glass doors secured with extra security devices?  Such as broom stick or nail/pin hole?    
Do you have a wide-angle viewer or peephole for your front entrance?  Is it mounted no higher than 58"?    
Are exterior doors made of solid wood or metal?    
Are pet entrances small enough that even a child cannot enter?    
Do your doors have a dead-bolt lock with at least a one-inch throw?    
Have your exterior doors and door frames been reinforced for greater structural strength?    
Are hinges on exterior doors not accessible from the outside of house?    
Are extra house keys secure?  Not hidden in flower pots or under door mats on front steps?    
Does your security alarm system: activate local audio and visual alarms within and outside of your home?  Does it send a signal to a central monitoring station so they can respond with a phone call, security patrol, or police?  Does the central alarm station have clear instructions and up-to-date phone numbers?    
Are garage doors kept locked when not in use?    
Do you have adequate lighting above all entry-ways and windows?    
Do you belong to a neighborhood watch program?    
If your windows have extra security locks or features - can they be opened from inside in case of fire?    
Do you have a paper shredder to destroy personal information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank accounts, etc. in order to protect yourself from identity theft?    
Do you have an emergency communications phone list in case of emergency?    
Do you have an emergency evacuation plan for your family should there be a fire or intruder?    
Has exterior lighting been linked to motion detectors, timers, and/or light-sensitive photocell devices?    
Do you have highly visible stickers on glass windows or doors indicating that you have an alarm system?    
Do your windows have secondary locking or blocking devices in addition to the standard latch?    
Do you have a home safe for your valuables, guns, jewelry, passports, bankbooks, etc?    
Have you marked (with your driver's license #), photographed, and insured your stereos, computers, VCRs, televisions, and other high-value items?  Have you recorded the model, make, color, and serial numbers?    
Do you have copies of all your important documents (passport, credit cards, birth certificate, bank books, diplomas, marriage certificates, deeds, wills, etc.) and are they stored in a separate location (relative or safe deposit box) than your home?    
Do you have a dog that is alert and barks at strangers approaching the house?    
Does your house have a safe room?  Is this a good place for family members to retreat to during a home invasion?    
Do you have a "Family Security Plan" and have you discussed it with your family members?    
Did you have a friend or relative conduct a home security assessment of your home using this or some other checklists?  Someone else will pick up items of interest that you might dismiss.    
Do you have a listed or unlisted telephone number?    
Ensure that your remote garage door opener does not have the original factory-set code.  Reset it to a new code.    
Reflective numbers outside your home or the door will make it easier for police, fire or security responders to find your house at night in case of an emergency.    
Install security bars in basement windows and around AC units.  Ensure that the security bars are removable from the inside in case of fire.    
Replace glass doors or install window film and metal security grills on the doors for added security.    
Use curtains or blinds for privacy.    
Tools, ladders, garbage cans, or anything else that can be used by a potential intruder should be stored in locked sheds, basements, or garages.    
Make sure that skylights are secured with locks.    
To ensure that you do not have to enter a darkened garage, enable your garage lights to be turned on from inside the house.    
Don't put your name on your mailbox.  Just your street address and number.    
Back up information on your computer onto blank CDs or thumb drives in case your computer is stolen.    
Do you have homeowners insurance and does it cover theft?    

Download or print out this Home Security Checklist by clicking on the link below. This will bring you to an Adobe Acrobat PDF file about 170 kbs big and two pages long.

Download or print Home Security Checklist

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Home > Home Security > Home Security Checklist







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