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Explosives Detection

Home > Security Equipment > Explosives Detection



Explosions and Bomb Detection Training

Mistral Group.  Explosives detection and identification.

Explosives Detection Equipment

FLIR - Explosives & Narcotics Detection

Security Pro - Explosive & Trace Detection

Explosive Ordinance Disposal

Bahia 21 Corporation.  Bomb protection and blast mitigation systems.

Chemical and Biological Detection

Proengin.  Chemical and biological detectors.

Websites with Info on Explosive Detection

Explosive Detection by  WikipediA

Explosives Trace Detector by WikipediA

Publications about Explosive Detection

DHS, Guide for the Selection of Explosives Detecton and Blast Mitigation Equipment for Emergency First Responders, Guide 105-07, Department of Homeland Security, February 2008.

NIJ, Guide for the Selection of Commercial Explosives Detection Systems for Law Enforcement Applications, NIJ Guide 100-99, National Institute for Justice, 1999.

NASA, Hand-Held Devices Detect Explosives and Chemical Agents, NASA Technology Transfer Program.


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Home > Security Equipment > Explosives Detection




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