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Cell Phones and Security

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With the introduction and continuing technological advances of cellular phones society has seen some dramatic changes.  Cell phones have improved peoples lives, made industrial and commercial enterprises more efficient, and affected the way we conduct our business whether work related or socially. Cell phones have also had a big impact in the  areas of security and safety.  Modern cell phones have GPS features that aid in navigation.  There is also some "Big Brother" issues to be aware of.  This Internet site will provide resources and news on these present day cell phone advances that improve the safety and security of our lives as well as issues and concerns as they relate to privacy, safety and security.

Cell Phone Security Issues and Technology

Cell Phone Cameras and Identity Theft.

Smartphone Security Guidance by

Informational and Reference Sites About
Cell Phone Jamming and Monitoring

Electronic Warfare and Jamming Systems Gallery.  Cell phone monitors and cell phone jammers for convoys, motorcades, and conference rooms.

How to Take Data off a Cell Phone

Cell Seizure Investigator Stick.  Paraben's Cell Phone Data Extraction Device.  Useful for parents, investigators, forensic professionals, and law enforcement.

People, Phone, Address, and Zip Code Search  Phone Number Lookup.  A digital directory.

Cell Phones Location Aids, Tracking, and GPS Information

Private corporations and firms are providing passive probing data-mining services and equipment.  Here are a few of them that will sell equipment related to gathering info from cell phones.

KommLabs.  Interception and analytical solutions for intelligence agencies, law enforcement organizations, and communication service providers.

Cell Phone Jammer.  By CounterSpy Products.

The GEOS Alliance.  Cell phone tracking for corporations tracking employees around the world.

Enhanced 911 and Cell Phones.  Learn how the E9-1-1 service associates a physical address with a calling party's telephone number.  By Wikipedia.

FlexSpy.  Protect your children, catch cheating spouses, listen to spies and terrorists, spy on your business partners!  Consult your lawyer first before using this equipment - you might break the law!

TextGuard.  This utility provides several features but is designed to monitor and archive Text / SMS messages and emails to guard against mobile theft, lost or damaged cell phones.





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