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Blast & Ballistic Protection

Home > Security Equipment > Blast and Ballistic Protection

Information About Security Glass Protection  Glass Magazine.

Protective Glazing Council (PGC)

Terrorist Blast Protection Directory - California State University

DoD, DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings, UFC 4-010-01, October 1, 2013 , Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), Department of Defense. Posted on Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) website.

GSA, US General Services Administration Standard Test Method for Glazing and Window Systems Subject to Dynamic Overpressure Loadings, U.S. GAO.

Security Glass

Mistral Group.  Explosives detection and identification.

Security and Safety Glass Laminates

Ace Security Laminates.

Dlubak Corporation.  Transparent and bullet resistant laminates.

Security Shield Window Barriers.

Ballistic and Blast Protection

AP & T, Inc.  Specializing in transparent ballistic and blast protection with shields and furniture.

Action Bullet Resistant Corp.  Security door and window systems.

Antiballistic Security and Protection, Inc.  Light-weight, high-level protection wall systems.

Bahia 21 Corporation.  Bomb protection and blast mitigation systems.

BlastGard International.  Blast mitigation materials.

Blast Resistant Modules (BRM).  Personnel and storage blast resistant modules.

Defenshield, Inc.  Ballistic shield protection.

DuraSystems.  Security blast protection.

Fabrication Designs, Inc.  FE/BR doors, windows, louvers, and guard booths.

JSF Systems, LLC.  DefenCell.  Blast protection products.

Paxcon.  Anti-terrorism bomb blast-resistant coatings.

Safeguard Security Services, Ltd.  Armortex bullet resistant products.

TotalShield.  High impact and ballistic shielding.

Online News Articles and Publications
About Ballistic and Blast Protection

December 4, 2008. "Antiterrorism: Blast-resistant glazing systems and the moving target". Glass Magazine.

June 2003. Anti Terrorism and Force Protection Applications in Facilities, R. Augustus Lim, University of Florida.

Spring 2002.  "Closing the barn door installation force protection - antiterrorism".  LookSmart Find Articles (Joint Force Quarterly, by John Cirafici).




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Home > Security Equipment > Blast and Ballistic Protection




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