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Air Travel Security
and Safety News

Archived 2000 - 2010

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August 16, 2010.  "Are lithium-ion batteries the next threat to airline safety?"  USA Today Travel.

August 9, 2010.  "New uproar over security scanners after agency acknowledges storing images".  LA Times.

August 4, 2010. "Canadians outraged: Veiled Muslim women not required to lift veil, prove ID at airports".  Homeland Security New Wire.

August 4, 2010. "What are the world's scariest airports".  USA Today.


November 9, 2009. "TSA screening more than just carry-on bags".  The Washington Post.

November 9, 2009.  "The Rules on Names Could Bend a Little".  The New York Times.

September 9, 2009.  "TSA: Airline ban on liquids won't be lifted soon".  USA Today.


October 22, 2008. "Air passenger screening program to launch in 2009".  USA Today.

October 12, 2008.  "Report slams TSA failure to track security passes".  USA Today.

October 10, 2008.  "TSA proposes screening private jet passengers".  USA Today.

October 6, 2008.  "Airport bomb scans tested in busy terminals".  USA Today.

September 30, 2008.  "Fly the Unfriendly Skies".  Conde Nast

July 2, 2008.  "Stay alert to larceny in the air".  MSNBC Travel News.

July 2008.  "A Look at Ben Gurion International Airport's Security".  Journal of Homeland Security.

June 28, 2008.  "Maine voices: Jetport security obstacle to commerce".

June 5, 2008.  "10 airports install body scanners".  USA Today Travel.

April 22, 2008.  "Fingerprinting plan could be costly to airlines".  USA Today.

May 20, 2008.  "Airport Thieves: A Growing Problem".  ABC News.

April 18, 2008.  "Airport screeners to get more security training".  The Washington Post.

April 18, 2008.  "New airport scanner peeks through clothes".  The Seattle Times.

April 17, 2008.  "TSA better at conceiving improvements than implementing them, says GAO".  Government Security News.

April 16, 2008.  "TSA may begin air passenger background checks in 2009".  Government Executive.

April 9, 2008.  "TSA unveils plan to X-ray air cargo".  USA Today.

April 4, 2008.  "TSA Deploys Airport Behavior Screeners".  AP.

April 4, 2008.  "Air Travel Shoes".  A Suitable Wardrobe.

March 27, 2008.  "Airline safety checks tightened".  USA Today.

March 27, 2008.  "DHS IG gets past screeners with IED components".  Homeland Security Today.

March 25, 2008.  "Air marshals missing from almost all flights".

March 18, 2008.  "The Safe (but Scary) Skies".  The Washington Post.

March 17, 2008.  "TSA Testing Three-Speed Screenings".  Business Travel News Online.

March 16, 2008.  "Airlines blast plan to fingerprint foreign fliers".  USA Today.

March 11, 2008.  "In the air, health emergencies rise quietly".  USA Today.

March 2008.  "Congress Still Undecided on How to Protect Airliners from Missiles".  National Defense Magazine.

February 28, 2008.  "Experts warn of robotic terrorism".  Denver Post.

February 27, 2008.  "9/11 Redux: 'Thousands of Aliens' in U.S. Flight Schools Illegally".  ABC News.

February 27, 2008.  "The state of airline security".  USA Today.

February 25, 2008.  "TSA: More dogs will be sniffing air cargo".  GSN Magazine.

February 25, 2008.  "Liquids, gels, and an airport blog".  Boston globe.

February 12, 2008.  "Airport workers to face more vigorous security screening".  USA Today.

February 8, 2008.  "Airport Security Technology Stuck In the Pipeline".  Washington Post.


October 31, 2007.  "NASA Will Abandon Secrecy On Air Safety".  WMTW Portland News.

October 22, 2007.  "TSA Vows Cargo-Screening Compliance".  Business Travel Online.

October 18, 2007.  "Most fake bombs missed by screeners".  USA Today.

October 11, 2007.  "Discount airlines fly migrants to U.S. border".  USA Today.

October 9, 2007.  "TSA pulls plug on Orlando's ShoeScanner".  USA Today.

October 3, 2007.  "Focus on terrorism may obscure other airline safety threats".  USA Today.

September 26, 2007.  "Airport security arsenal adds behavior detection".  USA Today.

September 24, 2007.  "AirTran To Become First U.S. Airline To Sponsor Reg. Traveler Lanes".  Business Travel News.

September 23, 2007.  "TSA considers reservations for airport security".  USA Today.

September 23, 2007.  "Bill would shield kids from violent movies on planes".  USA Today.

September 22, 2007.  "Gov taking license with alien-driver ID".  New York state is now  granting driver's licenses to illegal immigrants - this begs questions on air travel security.  Do you let foreigners with a NYC city license on the plane?  New York Post.

September 20, 2007.  "Machine aims to ID liquids airport".  USA Today.

September 13, 2007.  "Report: Air Freight Security Reform Still Needed".  Freight International.

September 12, 2007.  "17 Ways to Keep Safe and Secure When Flying".  InfoMean Blog.

September 11, 2007.  "Atlantic City airport to start car-bomb screening".  USA Today.

September 11, 2007.  "Airport Security Today".

September 11, 2007.  "11 lessons from 9/11".  Travel site lists eleven truths about air travel after 9/11.

September 11, 2007.  "Private plane security increased".  USA Today.

Setpember 10, 2007.  "Pilots: Cockpits remain vulnerable to terrorist assault".

September 9, 2007.  "Legacy of 9/11 attacks: Lost innocence".  Employees at Portland, Maine jetport describe a day of terror, and the changes that resulted in its aftermath.  Portland Press Herald.

September 6, 2007.  "Are ticket agents punishing passengers with extra screening?"

September 6, 2007.  "Report blasts TSA air cargo security".  USA Today.

September 1, 2007.  "The terrors of air travel".  Living In Barbados.

August 30, 2007.  "Air Travel Security Touch On The Waistline".  AVweb.

August 30, 2007.  "Airport police to undergo special training".  The Arizona Republic.

August 29, 2007.  "Headwear screening policy under scrutiny".

August 27, 2007.  "Frontier passenger tries to open plane door".  USA Today.

August 26, 2007.  "Airport shoe scanner put on hold".  USA Today.

August 25, 2007.  "Air cargo end-run".  TSA applies looser standards to inspection of cargo than law stipulates.  Guest editorial, The Boston Globe.

August 24, 2007.  "Epidemics a security threat, says WHO".  ABC Radio Australia.

August 23, 2007.  "Cheap air travel is spreading deadly diseases".

August 21, 2007.  "Giving Human Intuition a Place in Airport Security".  The New York Times.

August 19, 2007.  "Behavior detection officers are keeping a close eye on travelers".

August 17, 2007.  "Airport implements biometric ID system".  (Westchester County Airport, NY airport institutes new system).  Greenwich Time.

August 15, 2007.  "Airport screening raises privacy issue".  The Christian Science Monitor.

August 14, 2007.  "High-flying women of the world".  CNN Business.

August 13, 2007.  "Secure Flight Redux: TSA Seeks To Launch Prescreening Program After Facing Congressional Concerns".  Business Travel News.

August 11, 2007.  "Air travel tip of the day: get your quart-sized zippy bags here!"  Prescription Suitcase: the cure for all your travel headaches.

August 10, 2007.  "Revised Proposal for Air-Travel Screening Addresses Privacy Concerns".  The Washington Post.

August 9, 2007.  "U.S. unveils new plan for passenger pre-screening".  The Washington Post.

August 8, 2007.  "Fliers say they feel safer".  The Enquirer.

August 7, 2007.  "New U.S. Security Rules May Disrupt Travel From Europe".  The Wall Street Journal.

August 7, 2007.  "TSA Requires X-ray of Video Game Consoles".  Gaming Today.

August 7, 2007.  "Post 9/11 Next Steps for General Aviation Security".  Aircraft Maintenance Technology.

August 5, 2007.  "Air travel survival tips".  News & Observer.

August 4, 2007.  "Here's a fix for our air travel security flaws".  Tripso.

August 3, 2007.  "Expo provides insight into air-travel security".  Contra Costa Times.

August 1, 2007.  "House lawmaker joins bid to end TSA contracting exemption".  Government Executive.

August 1, 2007.  "Interview with Kip Hawley".  TSA administrator conducts interview about air travel security.

July 31, 2007.  "TSA Questions Private Registered Traveler Tech".  Business Travel Online.

July 30, 2007.  "Travel security flaws - and how to fix them".

July 28, 2007.  "Days of kidding around have flown the coop".  Jokes about bombs on planes do not go over well in the airport security line.  Daily Herald.

July 26, 2007.  "Bulletin triggers airport security questions".  TSA downplays fears of terrorists making 'dry runs' prior to an attack.  Houston Chronicle.

July 25, 2007.  "Sept. 11 Security Bill to Include Protections for Citizens Who Report Suspicious Activity".  Fox News.

July 25, 2007.  "Airports Warned of Terrorist's Dry-Runs".  WMTW 8 News Center.

July 19, 2007.  "Air travel rules not easing up".  Limits on gels, liquids unlikely to change.  Concord Monitor Online.

July 17, 2007.  "Airport crime persists despite heightened security".  USA Today.

July 17, 2007.  "Limits Stay on Gels in Carry-Ons".  The Washington Post.

July 16, 2007.  "When it comes to business travel, it pays to prepare for medical emergencies".  International Herald Tribune.

July 16, 2007.  "Airport lines for security even longer".  Christian Science Monitor.

July 15, 2007.  "Security cameras way of future for air travel".  Cameras to be installed on all Air New Zealand flights.  HotTouring.

July 13, 2007.  "American Air Emergency Shows Carriers' New Vigilance".

July 13, 2007.  "Keeping the Skies Friendly: Next Steps for General Aviation Security".  The Heritage Foundation.

July 11, 2007.  "Hundreds of Uniforms, IDs Missing From BWI".  WBAL Baltimore.

July 10, 2007.  "Airport security lines: detour ahead".  Registered traveler programs, which speed pre-approved fliers through checkpoints, are set to expand to 20 US airports in '08.  Christian Science Monitor.

July 9, 2007.  "Senate drops effort to grant airport screeners bargaining rights".  Government Executive.

July 9, 2007.  "ASTA Viewpoint: Agents Mitigating Travel Risk".  Corporate Travel Intelligence, Business Travel News Online.

July 7, 2007.  "2007 so far is safest year in airline history".  Flight Global Safety.

July 6, 2007.  "AAA offers advice for summer air travel".

July 6, 2007.  "Homeland Security, E.U. reach agreement on passenger data sharing".  Government Executive.

July 5, 2007.  "The Coalition for Luggage Security's Travel Fears Proving to Be True".  Market Wire (The Coalition for Luggage Security).

July 5, 2007.  "It's not jet lag, it's 'altitude sickness'".  The Times Online.

July 5, 2007.  "Statement by Secretary Michael Chertoff on Passenger Name Record Data".  Department of Homeland Security News Release.

July 3, 2007.  "New Undetectable Weapon Could Slip By Airports This Summer".  ABC News - The Blotter.

July 3, 2007.  "Coalition for Luggage Security Warns Airports' Ticket Areas are Prime Targets for Suitcase Bombs over July 4th Weekend".  The Coalition for Luggage Security.

July 2, 2007.  "D.C. Area Airports Add Vehicle Checks, Bomb-Sniffing Dogs".  Washington Post.

July 2, 2007.  "DHS steps up mass transit, airport security".  Government Executive.

July 2, 2007.  "TSA Needs to Ditch Useless, Showy Methods".  ABC News.

July 1, 2007.  "On Alert in America: Security Surge at Airports".  ABC World News.

June 30, 2007.  "U.S. Increases Airport Security Ahead of Holiday".

June 30, 2007.  "U.S. ups airport security; threat level unchanged".  Reuters.

June 29, 2007.  "Statement By Secretary Chertoff On London Incident".  Department of Homeland Security Press Release.

June 29, 2007.  "EU ambassadors back deal with US on sharing air passenger data".  International Herald Tribune.

June 29, 2007.  "Oz airlines to collect fingerprints".

June 25, 2007.  "Tips for Avoiding Air Travel Problems".  Luggage Source.

June 23, 2007.  "How do I pack for air travel these days?"  Ask MetaFilter.

June 22, 2007.  "TSA Uses Monte Carlo Simulations to Weigh Airplane Risks".  Schneier on Security.

June 21, 2007.  "Avoid air hassles with discreet behavior".  Meadow Free Press.

June 14, 2007.  "Pathogens on a plane".  The Bulletin Online.

June 12, 2007.  "DHS Security Rules Coming To Business Aviation".  AV Web Biz News.

June 12, 2007.  "Could luggage-free airports help avoid holidays from hell?"  Daily Mail (Britain).

June 8, 2007.  "Free drinks and spotty security - life on the road". News.

June 8, 2007.  "The Air-Travel-Security-Smarts Bell Curve. Where Do You Fall on the Curve"?  Decision Velocity Blog.

June 7, 2007.  "Virtual fence security for New York JFK". News.

June 6, 2007.  "Next threat to air travel will come as cargo: security expert".  CBC News.

June 5, 2007.  "Trust dogs over air marshals, inquiry hears".  The Star News.

June 5, 2007.  "Expert tips for business travel safety".

June 5, 2007.  "How should US protect privately owned facilities?"  Disruption at JFK airport raises questions.  Christian Science Monitor.

June 4, 2007.  "Air travel no safer today, expert says".  The Vancouver Sun.

June 1, 2007.  "Diabetics Can Travel With Extra Precautions".

June 1, 2007.  "Expert Tips For Business Travel Safety".  Forbes Magazine.

May 24, 2007.  "RTSC Wins $16.3M Security Screening Contract for Two Florida Airports".  IP Communications.

May 24, 2007.  "TSA Reminds Passengers: Be Prepared for Security this Summer Travel Season".  Media Newswire.

May 9, 2007.  "Travelers would pay more for better security: survey".  Brisbane Times (Australia).

April 26, 2007.  "Airline baggage handling woes continue".  USA Today.

March 26, 2007.  "Aircraft Cargo Screening Program to Begin at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport".   Department of Homeland Security News Release.

March 26, 2007.  "Registered Traveler Entrant Signs Airport, Details Plans".  Business Travel News Online.

March 21, 2007.  "A better way than TSA".  Would private security firms do a better job guarding our aiports?  Christian Science Monitor.

March 11, 2007.  "Congressman: Changes Needed In Airport Security".  WESH 2 TV.

February 26, 2007.  "With full-body X-ray, a closer look at air travelers".  Christian Science Monitor.

January 23, 2007.  "Passport Requirement for Air Travel Begins Today".  Department of Homeland Security Press Release.

January 18, 2007.  "TSA chief hits plan to check cargo".  USA Today.


November 30, 2006.  "TSA's revealing X-ray screening raises privacy concerns".  USA Today.

September 19, 2006.  "Is screening a punishment?"

August 10, 2006.  "DHS agencies quick to react to new terror threat".  Plot to blow up U.S.-bound planes flying from Britain to the United States.  Government Executive.

April 19, 2006.  "DHS to look at alternatives to defend jets from missiles".

February 1, 2006.  "Airport Security's Achilles' Heel".  How printing your own boarding pass can subvert the no-fly list.  CSO Online.


November 22, 2005.  "Fact Sheet on Containing the Threat from Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)".  U.S. Department of State.


June 7, 2004.  "Fatal fire hazards find hiding places inside planes".  USA Today Nation.

January 24, 2004.  "General Aviation and Homeland Security".  Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.


December 31, 2003.  "Safety Grip Gets Tighter For Holiday".  Flights restricted over Vegas, NY.  The Washington Post.

December 24, 2003.  "Foreign airlines checked for terror risks".  USA Today Travel.

December 23, 2003.  "Airports to fingerprint foreign visitors".  USA Today Travel.

December 21, 2003.  "Tips for Airplane Passengers Under Elevated Terror Alert".  Associated Press.

December 15, 2003.  "U.S. firm pushes anti-missile system for passenger jets".  USA Today.

September 24, 2003.  "Safer Flights for Passengers".  Unsecure cargo on passenger flights still a concern.  The Christian Science Monitor.

September 19, 2003.  "Homeland Security launches effort to counter shoulder-fired missile threat".

April 27, 2003.  "His Quest:  A Safe (and Efficient) Airport".  New York Times.

March 4, 2003.  "AOPA announces Airport Watch program to national audience in Washington, D.C.".  Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.


December 20, 2001.  "Security trumps privacy".  Christian Science Monitor.

December 12, 2001.  "AOPA and other general aviation organizations offer action plan for enhancing GA security".  Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association (AOPA).


February 24, 2000.  "Enhancing airport security".  Christian Science Monitor.

January 26, 2000.  "Airport scanner sees all, raises privacy concerns".  Christian Science Monitor.





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