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GPS & Vehicle
Tracking Systems

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Manufacturers of Vehicle GPS
Distributors of GPS Devices
Event Data Recorder (EDR)
GPS Information Resources
GPS News Resources and Blogs

GPS and Vehicle Tracking Systems

A vehicle global positioning system (GPS) can be a difficult choice for the consumer if he does not know enough about them.  There are two basic choices.  The first choice are the GPS devices that can be bought as part of or integrated within the automobile that have  large screens that can be used for navigation purposes and provide voice guidance.  A second type are the smaller hand-held devices that have a smaller screen and can be battery-powered; but also which have less features.

Some features to look for include voice guidance, mapping utility, address routing, size of memory, mounting capability (dashboard), waypoints, reception, external antenna, and size of screen.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Equipment and Services


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Manufacturers of Vehicle GPS

DeLorme EarthMate GPS Systems.  GPS receiver used in conjunction with GIS software.

GPS Insight.  Vehicle tracking for commercial use.  Activity detail, fuel consumption, speed violations, vehicle performance, Geofence violations, security, and safety applications.

GPS Police.  Tracking and security for commercial vehicles.

GPSTrackit. "Empowering your Fleet."

Magellan Vehicle Navigation.  A series of GPS for vehicles and individuals.

OnStar.  Distributed by General Motors.  A comprehensive in-vehicle security, communications, and diagnostics system available on more than 50 GM models.  OnStar offers Turn-by-Turn navigation and Hands-Free Calling.

TrackStick.  Telespial Systems, Inc.  Used with Google Earth.  Track personnel, equipment or vehicles.

Vehicle-Tracking Incorporated.  The LandAirSea device is small and economically priced.  In is battery powered requiring no cables or wires.  It can be mounted via magnet.

Tracking the World. GPS Tracking Solutions.


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Distributors of GPS Devices

GPS GPS reviews and sales.

"The GPS vehicle tracking solution for your fleet"

Telogis Fleet Management Software
"GPS Fleet Tracking, Dispatch Management & Navigation Systems"


Free Online Quotes for GPS Fleet Tracking System


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Event Data Recorder (EDR)

Davis Instruments' CarChip.

Advanced Tracking Technologies, Inc.


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GPS Information Resources

GPS Information Resource. is a GPS information website with volumes of information about GPS applications.

GPS Tracking Information.  Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

GPS World Magazine.  Buyers Guide.

GPS Review.  Website with information and reviews on many types and models of GPS for vehicles and other uses.


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GPS News Resources and Blogs

GPS Daily.  24/7 Coverage of GPS Applications and Technology.

GPS Insight Blog.  A blog by GPS Insight.  Provides examples of how a fleet GPS system can provide security and safety for drivers and also spot driver behavior detrimental to a businesses interests.


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