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Home > Homeland Security > Real ID Information

Government Agencies

REAL ID Proposed Guidelines: Questions & Answers.  Department of Homeland Security.

REAL ID Final Rule.  Department of Homeland Security.

Map of States Implementing REAL ID.  Department of Homeland Security.

REAL ID: States Granted Extensions.  Department of Homeland Security.

REAL ID.  Homeland Security Leadership Journal.

The Privacy Office of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Letter From DHS To Maine Governor.  Read the March 31, 2008 letter sent to Maine regarding non-compliance with the federal statute on Real Id.  (Adobe Acrobat file).

Letter From Gov. Baldacci to DHS.  Read the April 2, 2008 letter sent by Maine to the Department of Homeland Security regarding Maine's compliance with the Real-ID Act.

Non-Government Information Sources on Real ID

REAL ID Act.  WikipediA, the free encyclopedia.














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