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LNG Security

Home > Homeland Security > Maritime Security > LNG Security

Resources, links, and news reports about attempts to establish a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility along the coast of Maine.

Maine Organizations, LNG Sites, and LNG Security

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF)

Friends of Casco Bay

Friends of Penobscot Bay

Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment.

Maine LNG Watch -

Quoddy Bay LNG

Save Casco Bay

Save Passamaquoddy Bay / Canada.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay from LNG

Save Passamaquoddy Bay - Robbinston Group

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National Organizations and LNG Security

Coalition for Responsible Siting of LNG Facilities

Green Futures

LNG Solutions - Boston area organization

Energy Justice Network - Natural Gas

Center for Liquified Natural Gas (CLNG)

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Government Agencies and LNG

California Energy Commission - Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities: Federal Safety Standards.  Title 49, Part 193.  Electronic Code of Federal Regulations, GPOAccess.

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Information on LNG Security

Citizens Guide to Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

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Maine News Sources on
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Security.

News Articles About LNG.  Harpswell Information.

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National News Sources on
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Security.

LNG Law Blog.  News on LNG law, regulations, etc.

Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI).  From Intelligence Press, Inc.

International LNG Blog

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News Articles About LNG Safety and Security.

July 23, 2010.  "LNG project loses sole financial backer". 
The Portland Press Herald.

September 25, 2009.  LNG Developers "Spin the Good Spin". 
Security aspects of LNG Terminal.  Fundy Tides Blog.

July 18, 2008.  "Regulators vent over delays in LNG proposals". 
Bangor Daily News.

March 25, 2008.  "Groups opposing LNG pipeline".  Bangor Daily News.

October 27, 2007.  "Developer rejected on LNG bid".  Portland Press Herald.

October 23, 2007.  "Offshore U.S. LNG systems may calm safety concerns".  UK Reuters.

September 29, 2007.  "Fall River LNG terminal developers face hurdle in Congress".  The Boston Globe.

September 18, 2007.  "Downeast temporarily pulls LNG application".  Emerging Current.

September 17, 2007.  "LNG developer delays request for permits".  MaineToday.

September 15, 2007.  "Anti-tanker law won't slow U.S. LNG project".  The Chronicle Herald.

September 14, 2007.  "Downeast LNG withdraws Maine permit applications; plans to re-file late this year".  Maine News Direct - MaineToday.

September 11, 2007.  "Canada may ban gas tankers from key passage".  Canadian Press.

September 6, 2007.  "Homeland Insecurity: Floating Targets".  MotherJones.

September 5, 2007.  "LNG plan picks up support".  The Herald News (Fall River, MA).

September 1, 2007.  "Rival gas-port teams duel over whose site is safer".  Montreal Gazette.

August 30, 2007.  "PM to Bush: No Tankers".  The Canadian Prime Minister has issued a warning to Bush that no tankers will be allowed to transit the Head Harbor Passage.  Telegraph-Journal.

August 27, 2007.  "Weighing the importance of ecosystem and development".  Editorial in the Bangor Daily News.

August 17, 2007.  "Safe Harbor Energy: Man-Made Island Proposed for LNG Terminal Out in the Atlantic Reaches Key Regulatory Milestone".

August 14, 2007.  "Two Out of Three for LNG: Supply, Safety, Security".  Downstream Today.

August 7, 2007.  "1,000 gather to protest LNG development".  Passamoquoddy Bay terminal in question.  CBC News.

August 7, 2007.  "LNG developers in the Northeast meet resistance".  The Christian Science Monitor.

July 27, 2007.  "Hot water: Could the new LNG pipeline stir up old radioactive waste?"  North Shore Town Online.

July 26, 2007.  "Congressmen tour LNG tanker proposed route".  (Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island).  The Jamestown Press.

July 25, 2007.  "Natural Gas Tanks Explode Near Dallas".  WMTW Portland.

July 24, 2007.  "Proposed Rabaska LNG port vulnerable to attack, expert says".  The Gazette.

July 20, 2007.  "Fishing top issue at LNG hearing".  Bangor Daily News.

July 19, 2007.  "Opponents lay out concerns about LNG plant proposal".  Bangor Daily News.

July 17, 2007.  "LNG shipping route faulted at forum".  Bangor Daily News.

July 13, 2007.  "Coast Guard seeks more LNG data".  Bangor Daily News.

July 11, 2007.  "U.S. Coast Guard Requests Further Information from Maine LNG Developers".

July 11, 2007.  "Letter from Captain Garrity to FERC".  Text of letter from Coast Guard Captain to FERC.  Posted on Save Passamaquoddy Bay/Canada.

July 5, 2007.  "Rabaska Project - Implementation of a Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal and Related Infrastructure".  Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

June 28, 2007.  "Oregon county frowns on NorthStar plan".  The Columbian.

June 20, 2007.  "Excelerate pays out $23.5M in mitigation funds".  LNG terminal being built off Gloucester, Massachusetts.  Gloucester Daily Times.

June 20, 2007.  "LNG bidder urged to quit: Officials: Fall River site not safe".  The Boston Herald.

June 16, 2007.  "Fed official: one-fourth of LNG tanker crews at new facilities will have to be American".  The Boston Globe.

June 15, 2007.  "Safety first".  Letter to editor, Astoria Oregon.  The Daily Astorian.

June 13, 2007.  "House bill restricts LNG movement".  The Providence Journal (Rhode Island).

June 11, 2007.  "Cruising troubled waters.  LNG Simulations of tankers going through Passamaquoddy reveal it's not as dangerous as Ottawa is letting on".  Telegraph-Journal.

June 11, 2007.  "Small Boats, Big Worries: Thwarting Terrorist Attacks from the Sea".  Dr. James Carafano, The Heritage Foundation.

June 8, 2007.  "AG's office argues against Fall River LNG".  MyFox Providence.

June 6, 2007.  "Two Years After Warnings, LNG Remains Potential Terrorist Target".  Hunt of the Sea Wolves.

June 6, 2007.  "Senate approves bill establishing LNG approval process".  The Malibu Times.

June 5, 2007.  "Mass agency halts review of LNG plant for Fall River".  MyFox Providence.

June 5, 2007.  "LNG on the ropes".  (Fall River).  The Herald News Online.

June 4, 2007.  "Trinidad, terror, and terminals for LNG".  American Thinker Blog.

June 2007.  "Eastport LNG Dispute: Letter to Maine Department of Environmental Protection".  Fishermen's Voice.

May 13, 2007.  "KeySpan To Pay $125,000 Over Security Breach At Lynn LNG Plant".

April 20, 2007.  "U.S. says Canadian position on LNG tankers is "inappropriate".  The Working Waterfront.

March 28, 2007.  "Canada: No LNG tankers through Head Harbour Passage".  The Working Waterfront.

March 9, 2007.  "Regulators: LNG reviews still on".

March 8, 2007.  "U.S. to move ahead on LNG projects despite Canadian oppostion".  Oilweek Magzaine.

February 24, 2007.  "LNG critic warns of fishing disruptions".   Portland Press Herald.

February 22, 2007.  Public Safety Consequences of a Terrorist Attack on a Tanker Carrying Liquefied Natural Gas Need Clarification.  GAO-07-316.

February 14, 2007.  "Canada formally objects to LNG tankers in Canadian waters".  The Boston Globe.

September 10, 2006.  "Risks of LNG".  The Working Waterfront.

August 24, 2006.  "Thoughts on LNG".  The Working Waterfront.

May 2006.  "Canada expresses concern about Maine LNG projects".  The Working Waterfront.

May 3, 2006.  "LNG".  Editorial by The Working Waterfront.

February 16, 2006.  "Dangers of LNG".  The Working Waterfront.

January 6, 2006.  "U.S. Coast Guard to Assess Passamaquoddy Bay for LNG Tankers".  Environment News Service.

December 21, 2005.  "Maine LNG facility details announced".  Times Argus Online.

December 15, 2005.  "Energy bill gives feds final say on LNG sites".  The Working Waterfront.

November 2005.  "The End of the Line for LNG".  Down East Magazine.

September 18, 2005.  "Parallel 44 - Before Quoddy LNG, there was Quoddy Tidal".  The Working Waterfront.

September 3, 2005.  "LNG: Trust Us".  The Working Waterfront.

September 2005.  "LNG Hits Storm of Protest In Passamaquoddy Bay".  Fishermen's Voice.

June 23, 2005.  "Fall River LNG site closer to approval".  The Boston Globe.

June 13, 2005.  "LNG Returns".  Quoddy vote.  The Working Waterfront.

December 14, 2004.  "Eastport objects to Passamaquoddy LNG facility".  The Working Waterfront.

December 7, 2004.  "The Politics of Oil".  The Center for Public Integrity.

December 2004.  "Rough Seas For LNG".  Fishermen's Voice.

December 2004.  "What Part Of No Don't You Understand?"  Fishermen's Voice.

December 2004.  "An LNG Security and Cost Primer".  Fishermen's Voice.

September 9, 2004.  "What We Have Learned about LNG".  Opinion, The Working Waterfront.

June 23, 2004.  "LNG and Leadership".  Editorial, The Working Waterfront.

June 1, 2004.  "Small Towns, Big Decisions: As LNG developers roam the coast, communities ponder their futures".  The Working Waterfront.


Home > Homeland Security > Maritime Security > LNG Security

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