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Executive Protection

Executive Protection Associations and Organizations

International Bodyguard Association

World Bodyguards Association

International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)

Firms Providing Training in Executive Protection

High Desert Special Operations Center (SOC-SMG)

Executive Protection Courses.  Safehouse.

Executive Security International (ESI)

International Training Group.  The Steele Foundation.

Bachelor of Science in Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies
Henley-Putnam University

Olive Group.  Security Training Center for Corporate Security.  EP driving, high risk PSD driver, executive protection operations, surveillance detection, and off road driver training.

Principals of Protection & Detail Operations.  S2 Institute. . . . /principlesprotection.php

Executive Protection Institute

R.L. Oatman & Associates, Inc.  Executive protection training, services, and threat assessments.  Mr. Oatman also presents training in conjunction with ASIS International.


Firms Providing Executive Protection Services

Thomas Dale & Associates, Inc.
Close Protection, Overseas Security Advising & Consulting

Critical Intervention Services.
Threat Management Services and Executive Protection.  Clearwater, Florida.

Total Cover Protective Services, Inc. (TCPS)
"Celebrity protection, corporate & bodyguard security services"

Information Links for Personal Security

Personal Safety and Awareness Workbook
The Center for Global Education.

Pre-Departure Health Training Handbook
The Center for Global Education

Published Articles on Executive Protection

"Kidnap, Inc".  By Nathan Vardi, Forbes, October 13, 2008.

"Keeping the CEO Safe Can Be Costly", by Joann S. Lublin, The Wall Street Journal, June 2008.

"My Short Life As An EP Specialist", by Michael Gips.  March 2007, Security Management Online.

"The Six Things You Need to Know About Executive Protection", by Daintry Duffy.  April 2005 CSO Magazine.

"Protecting the Executive While in Transit" by Jerry T. Yoakum.  Crossroads Training Academy.

"Roadside Bombs and Armored Vehicles".  Thomas Herlihy article on

News Articles about Executive Protection and Bodyguards

September 9, 2009.  "Price of CEO security balloons".  USA Today.

November 23, 2008. "Employee Safety in Global Hotspots".  CSO Online.

November 20, 2008. "Why does this man need a bodyguard?"

April 1, 2005. "The Six Things You Need to Know About Executive Protection".  CSO Business Continuity.

March 2003. "Hostile Environment Training 101.  By Vincent Laforet, New York Times.

December 1, 2000.  "Guess Who's Coming to Lunch, Insights Into Interaction With Large-Scale Protective Details".  By Michael Stroberger.  Article is a reprint from Protection Officer News (Spring 2000) and found on the IFPO website.

December 1, 2000.  "Proactive Executive Protection For Property Security Professionals".  By Michael Stroberger.  Article is a reprint from Protection Officer News (Fall 2002) and found on the IFPO website.

February 14, 2000. "Safety at a Price: Executive protection a fast growing sector in security boom".  Post-Gazette.





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