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Security Tactical Gear

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Tactical Gear

Brigade Quartermaster.  Outdoor and military survival gear.

Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc.

Hatch Law Enforcement Division - Duty Gear.  Protective gloves, head wraps, kneepads, and deployment bags.

Ranger Joe's.  Military and law enforcement gear.

Tactical Assault Gear (T.A.G.).  "The Operator's Choice".

Backpacks, Daypacks, Go-Bags, and Rucksacks

Diamond Back Tactical.  Backpacks, Load Out Bags, Assault Packs, and Deployment Bags.

Gregory Mountain Products.  Backpacks and patrol packs for military and law enforcement.

L.L. Bean.  Backpacks. . . / . . . hikingbackpacks . . .

MAXPEDITION.  Jumbo VersiPack Go-Bag.

Sandpiper of California.  Bug Out Gear (military style backpacks).

Hydration Systems

Camelbak.  Water carrying systems.

BlackHawk Hydration Systems.  BlackHawk Products Group.

Source Vagabond Hydration Systems.

Military and Tactical Footwear and Boots

Altama Footwear.  Military boots and footwear.

Belleville Boots. Tropical and desert footwear for military applications.

BlackHawk Footwear.  BlackHawk Products Group.

511 Tactical Series Footwear

Tactical Clothing and Apparel

Under Armor.  Tactical, sports, and military clothing.

511 Tactical.  Covert and tactical apparel.

Tru-Spec. Military, police, and tactical uniforms and clothing.

Information About Eye Protection

"Protect the Eyes".  By Patrick E. Clarke.  Special Operations Technology Online Edition.  Informative article about eye protection.

Eyewear Protection for the Warfighter.  Defense Update posting on ballistic eyewear protection.

Tactical Eyewear.

Vision Center of Excellence. DoD military site.

Safety Eyewear, Goggles, and Glasses

Blackhawk Eyewear . . ./. . . Eyewear.aspx

WileyX.  Tactical shatterproof eye protection.

Oakley.  Sunglasses, goggles and much more.

Revision Military Eyewear. One popular eyewear model is the Sawfly U.S. Military Eyewear System. Listed on the U.S. Army Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL).

Panoptx.  Eyewear protection.


Personal Defense Weapons (Less Than Lethal)

TigerLight Non-Lethal Defense System

Tactical Knives and Sharp Tools

SOG Specialty Knives and Tools

Chris Reeve Knives

Cold Steel Knives

Benchmade Knives

Ka-bar Knives, Inc.  Military tactical knives.

Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

Tactical Lights

Blackhawk Flashlights

SureFire Flashlights

Safety Lights.  TBO-Tech Self Defense Products.

Streamlight. Variety of lights for sports, fire, rescue, and tactical uses.

Tactical Light. Information about tactical lights on Wikipedia.

Personnel Intrusion Detection Systems

Millennium Sensor, LLC.  Portable, personnel intrusion detection system.  P3 MRSS and others.


Information about Materials
Found in Tactical Clothing and Gear

Information about the Multicam Pattern

W. L. Gore & Associates. GORE-TEX products for footwear and clothing.




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