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Body Armor

Topics on This Page

Body Armor Information
Government Agencies
Body Armor Suppliers
Online Resources
MAR-CIRAS Body Armor
Military Body Armor
Older Styles Body Armor
History of Body Armor


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Body Armor Information

Information about Kevlar Brand. Dupont. . . . /kevlar.html

Ballistic Protection Levels.  BulletProofMe Body Armor.

"How Body Armor Works".

Body Armor News.  Knowledge and news portal for body armor.



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Government Agencies and Body Armor

Body Armor Overview - National Institute of Justice.

Office of Law Enforcement Standards.  National Institute of Standards and Technology.  Personal Body Armor.

DOJ Special Report Body Armor Safety Initiative.  A status report to the Attorney General on Body Armor Safety Initiative Testing and Activates  (20 pgs Acrobat Reader file). March 11, 2004.

Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor (NIJ Standard - 0101.06). July 2008.

"Selection & Application Guide 0101.06 to Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor", National Institute of Justice Body Armor Guide, December 2014.



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Body Armor Suppliers


BulletProof Body Armor HQ

BulletProofMe Body Armor

DiamondBack Tactical

G T Distributors

Hard Shell USA
113 Swett Avenue, Americus GA 31709
(206) 317-1571

Quartermaster Uniform Manufacturing Company

Chain Mail Armor.  Medieval style, wearable, replica armor and chain mail.

K9 Storm Incorporated.  Tactical body armor that allows working dogs to work.

Inter-American Security Products, Inc.



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Body Armor Manufacturers

The Safariland Group

Armor Express

Armor Express Body Armor

CRAIG International Ballistics.  Body Armor Products.

Eagle Industries.

Engarde Body Armor

General Armour

Paraclete Armor and Equipment, Inc.

Point Blank Enterprises, Inc.

Security Pro USA.  Body armor products.

GH Armor Systems

Survival Armor

U.S. Armor



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Online Resources on Body Armor

The science associated with the use of a bullet proof vest is complex. A lot of research has gone into developing better and better techniques of stopping a bullet. Some of this information is proprietary and some of it is public knowledge available online.

Guide to Body Armor for Security Operatives by SafeGuard ARMOUR

Ballistic Fashion.  Dr. Karl and ABC Science.

Body Armor for IED Information Research Center.

Body Armor Problems.  A forum on body armor by

Different Kinds of Body Armor. Guest article by SafeGuard Armor.

"How Body Armour Works".  Craig International Ballistics.

Body Armor.  Liberty References.

Protective Equipment and Body Armour.  AZO Materials.

Zylon Body Armor Technical Information.

Police Body Armor Resource Page.

Bulletproof Vest Partnership.  OJP Body Safety Armor Initiative.

A Primer on Ballistic Vests (Pt. 1): Flak to Kevlar by SOFREP

A Primer on Ballistic Vests (Pt. 2): Recent Systems and Plate Ratings by SOFREP



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MAR-CIRAS Body Armor.

Eagle Industries MAR-CIRAS Body Armor. Body armor for maritime use, allows the end user to jettison the armor rapidly.



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Interceptor Body Armor.

"Interceptor Body Armor".  From Wikipedia.  The Free Encyclopedia.

"Interceptor Body Armor".

U.S. Military Interceptor Body Armor.  Olive-Drab.



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Older Styles of Military Body Armor

PASGT Body Armor, Fragmentation Protective Vest.  Olive-Drab.

Vietnam Era Flak Vest.  Olive-Drab.



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History of Body Armor.

A Brief History of Armour.

"Body Armor . . . A Historical Perspective".  By Major James P. Carothers, USMC.  1988.

History of Body Armor and Bullet Proof Vests.

Historical Clothing Realm.  Medieval, Roman, and Greek body armor for sale.

Quick History of Body Armor / Bullet Proof Vests.  Inter-American Security Products, Inc.

Personal Profile of Stephanie L. Kwolek.  Researcher of the synthetic fibers used in body armor.  Chemical Heritage. . . .  /kwolek.aspx

Soft Body Armour - History and Useful Information.




Interceptor Body Armor IBA

small arms protective inserts for IBA

Craig International Ballistics

GT Distributors Body Armor

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Blog Posts on Body Armor


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