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Home > Terrorism > Bioterrorism

Government Agencies and Organizations & Bioterrorism.

Countering Biological Threats - Sandia National Laboratories

DATSD (CBD) - Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Chemical and Biological Defense

Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response
Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Private Associations and Organizations & Bioterrorism.

American Biological Safety Association (ABSA)

Biosecurity News by Homeland Defense Watch

National Agricultural Biosecurity Center

Physician Preparedness for Acts of Water Terrorism

Bioterrorism Programs at Colleges and Universities.

Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment (CAMRA)
Michigan State University

Center for Health Security - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Institute for BioSecurity - Saint Louis University

Publications, Guides and Other Forms
of Educational Materials on Bioterrorism.

"An Individual's Strategy for Responding to Chemical, Radiological, Nuclear, and Biological Terrorist Attacks".  RAND Research Brief.

"Biological Attack: Human Pathogens, Biotoxins, and Agricultural Threats"
National Academy of Engineering of the National Academies

"Biological Warfare: A Nation at Risk - A Time to Act".  by Richard Danzig, Under Secretary of the Navy, National Defense University (NDU).

Biological Warfare Agents - Federation of American Scientists.

Introduction to Biological Weapons - Federation of American Scientists

Bioterrorism: Preparedness Varied Across State and Local Jurisdictions,   Government Accounting Office (GAO), April 2003.

CBRNE - Biological Warfare Agents -

Food-Processing Security, General Accounting Office (GAO), February 2003.

Hospital Preparedness:  Most Urban Hospitals Have Emergency Plans But Lack Certain Capacities for Bioterrorism Response, Government Accounting Office (GAO), August 2003.

"How Biological and Chemical Warfare Works" - How Stuff Works

History of Biological Warfare - American Gulf War Veterans Association

Joint Service Chemical & Biological Defense Program FY 02-03 Overview.  DATSD (CBD).

Plague War - PBS Frontline.

Small-scale Terrorist Attacks Using Chemical and Biological Agents: An Assessment Framework and Preliminary Comparisons, Congressional Research Service (CRS), May 20, 2004.

Information About Anthrax

"Anthrax as a Biological Weapon", JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), May 12, 1999.

AVIP - Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program.

Immunization Healthcare Branch, Defense Health Agency (DHA)

Information About Building Security and Safety

Advice for Safeguarding Buildings against Chemical or Biological Attack., Secure Buildings.

Bioterrorism Training and Education

Field Identification of Biological Warfare Agents (FIBWA) Course.  U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

Master of Science in BioSecurity.  Saint Louis University.

Manufacturers of Bioterrorism
Protective Gear and Equipment

LANX Fabric Systems.  Chemical and Biological Protective Apparel.  Overgarments, rubber gloves, overboots, and other protective garments.

Bioterrorism News Articles

August 3, 2008.  "Modest Gains Against Ever-Present Bioterrorism Threat".  The Washington Post.

July 31, 2006.  "Custom-Built Pathogens Raise Bioterror Fears".  The Washington Post.

July 30, 2006.  "The Secretive Fight Against Bioterror".  The Washington Post.

July 30, 2008.  "Busting the Anthrax Myth".  Stratfor.

December 14, 2004.  "Watchdog group says biological defenses remain insufficient".

December 2, 2004.  "Book Review - Handbook helps NGOs prepare for bio threats".  Reuters Foundation AlertNet.

November 30, 2004.  "Course Trains 'Select Few' on Biological Warfare Agents".  American Forces Information Services.

November 22, 2004.  "Health Department Releases Building Vulnerability Assessment Tool; Assessment Process Helps to keep buildings clean and healthy".  Rhode Island Department of Health Press Release.

September 22, 2004.  "Preparing for Vaccine and Drug Dispensing in a Bioterrorism or Public Health Emergency, Guidelines".  Medical News Today.

July 29, 2004.  "Checklist for anthrax symptoms helps fight against bioterror".  Yahoo! News.

December 8, 2003.  "The High Cost of Making an Anthrax Drug.  Human Genome Sciences Needs Commitment From Government to Proceed With Treatment".  The Washington Post TechNews.

September 2, 2003.  "New Anthrax Vaccine Protects on Two Fronts".  Scientific American.

August 5, 2003.  "How Best To Fight Against Bioterrorism".  Cato Institute.

May 9, 2003.  "Guidelines for Bioterrorism Funding Announced".  United States Department of Health & Human Services.

May 2, 2003.  "Biodefense Plan Greeted With Caution: Drug Firms Want Better Guarantees".  The Washington Post.

April 25, 2003.  "First Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense Formed".  DefenseLink.

 April 3, 2003.  "How vulnerable is your company to bio-terrorism?  Assess, Plan, and Survive".  Risk Analysis Group.


Home > Terrorism > Bioterrorism




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