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Government Agencies Dealing with Agroterrorism

Agricultural Research Service.  United States Department of Agriculture.

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.  United States Department of Agriculture.

Food Safety Education.  United States Department of Agriculture.

Homeland Security.  United States Department of Agriculture.

U.S. Army Veterinary Corps.

Agricultural Security Information Resources

Agricultural Biosecurity.  Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), University of Minnesota.

Agricultural Security Information Resource.  Humanitarian Resource Institute.

Agrosecurity.  Extension Disaster Education Network; bioterrorism and agroterrorism, Penn State Extension.

American Veterinary Medical Association

APS Biosecurity Initiatives.  American Phytopathological Society.

Disaster Preparedness for Veterinarians. American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF).

Infography about Agroterrorism.  Infography.

National Biosecurity Resource Center for Animal Health Emergencies.

Colleges and Universities with Agroterrorism Programs

Agrosecurity - Bioterrorism and Agroterrorism.  College of Agricultural Sciences, Penn State.

Agroterrorism and Emergency Preparedness.  Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service (CUCES).

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Food Safety. Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS).

Extension Disaster Education Network.  University of Louisiana.

Reports, Studies, and Publications on Agroterrorism

"Agricultural Disaster Assistance".  August 29, 2005.  CRS document on Federation of American Scientists website.  (Acrobat Reader PDF).

"Agroterrorism: Threats and Preparedness."  August 13, 2004.  CRS.  Document on Federation of American Scientists website.  (Acrobat Reader PDF).

"Agroterrorism:  What is the Threat and What Can Be Done About It?", Rand National Defense Research Institute, (PDF).

"Agroterrorism - Why We're Not Ready: A Look at the Role of Law Enforcement (Research for Policy)".  National Institute of Justice, December 2006.

"Bioterrorism: A Threat to Agriculture and the Food Supply", GAO-04-259T, November 19, 2003.  (PDF).

"Bioterrorism Act of 2002".  Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

"Homeland Security: Much Is Being Done to Protect Agriculture from a Terrorist Attack, but Important Challenges Remain", GAO-05-214, March 8, 2005.  (PDF).

News Reports and Articles on Agroterrorism

April 30, 2010.  "Preventing terrorism in the food industry".  Bovine Veterinarian.

September 4, 2009.  "Agroterror prevention in need of overhaul".  Homeland Security Today.

July 2, 2008.  "Planning helps officials to combat potential agroterrorism".  QC Sun Online.

June 23, 2008.  "Pathobiologist to share expertise with policymakers".  University of Connecticut.

May 1, 2008.  "Report Says U.S. Food Safety System Needs Major Update".

May 1, 2008.  "Increased funding requested for food defense initiative".  High Plains Journal.

October 4, 2007.  "Border ag inspecting called 'in a shambles'".  Sacramento Bee.

September 10, 2007.  "Concern Growing in US West Over AgroTerrorism".  News VOA.

September 8, 2007.  "Common Sense on Chemical Security".  The Washington Post.

September 1, 2007.  "Revealed: the 'terror plot' to poison water supplies".  Times Online (United Kingdom).

December 15, 2006.  "Behind this very real threat".  Newsday.

August 17, 2005.  "Protecting Food From Terrorists".  The Christian Science Monitor.

April 8, 2005.  "House Considers Agro-Terror, Food Supply Risks in First Responder Funding Bill".  US House Committee on Homeland Security.

August 2005.  "U.S. Slow to Respond to Agroterrorism Threat".  CSO Magazine Online.

February 15, 2005.  "FSIS Establishes Food Emergency Response Network Division".  USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.

December, 2004.  "Food Fight: Confronting the Threat of Agriterror in the Heartland".  Investor Ideas.

September 8, 2004.  "Lag is seen in new food safety laws".

September 8, 2004.  "USDA Funds $100 Million for Rural Homeland Security Measures".  Axcess News.

December 24, 2002.  "Risk of terrorism to nation's food supply".  Christian Science Monitor.

October 23, 2001.  "Even down on the farm, security tightens".  Christian Science Monitor.


Home > Terrorism > Agroterrorism




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