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August 24, 2010.  "Companies try efforts to protect workers in world's danger zones".  USA Today Travel.

July 7, 2008.  "GPS devices become a vital tool for business travelers".  USA Today.

May 12, 2008.  "Do You Need Security Training?"  Latin Business Chronicle.

March 18, 2008.  "Travel company says security is a business traveler's chief concern".

March 13, 2008.  "Security guide to customs-proofing your laptop".  The Iconoclast Blog.

March 6, 2008.  "TSA looks for laptop case that can clear security".  USA Today.

March 3, 2008.  "TSA stepping up scrutiny of people, Chertoff indicates".  HS Today.

March 3, 2008.  "Just a Little Business Trip to a War Zone".  The New York Times.

February 26, 2008.  "10 tips for traveling with your laptop".  USA Today.

October 23, 2007.  "Business travelers say no to mobiles on planes".  Telegraph UK.

October 23, 2007.  "Cell-phone check-in might arrive soon".  The State.

October 22, 2007.  "Safe Traveler Signs Agreement with Dynamic Leisure Corporation".  Business Wire.

October 18, 2007.  "Beware dengue fever in Caribbean, Latin America".  USA Today.

October 5, 2007.  "TSA Awards Security Technology Contracts".  Business Travel News Online.

September 24, 2007.  "I Spy the Size of Your Hotel Bed".  Article about "The Automated Targeting System".

September 23, 2007.  "Jumping the security line (or not)".  The New York Times.

September 22, 2007.  "Collecting of Details on Travelers Documented".  The Washington Post.

September 14, 2007.  "Passport Processing Pros".

September 10, 2007.  "One-on-One With TSA's Kip Hawley: TSA Seeks Support, Ideas For Security Advances".  Business Travel News.

September 5, 2007.  "Watchdog finds gaps in DHS visitor tracking program".  Government Executive.

September 4, 2007.  "ID checks blamed for longer lines at crossing into U.S.".  Portland Press Herald.

September 3, 2007.  "Stepped-up security calls for resources".  Editorial about border security along Canada by the Burlington Free Press.

August 17, 2007.  "Security Push Results in Passport Rush".

August 17, 2007.  "Scanning the Airport Security Checkpoint of the Future".

August 16, 2007.  "Fast Passport Service Gets Slower".

August 10, 2007.  "Planning a summer vacation?"  Cancun Hotel and Resorts News.

July 31, 2007.  "Registered Traveler Benefits Not Seen at the Gate".  Biometric registration yet to have positive effect.  CQ Homeland Security.

July 31, 2007.  "Border Security: Security of New Passports and Visas Enhanced, but More Needs to Be Done to Prevent Their Fraudulent Use".  Government Accounting Office (GAO).

July 29, 2007.  "Does Your Company Have a Travel Security Policy?"  Business Travellogue.

July 27, 2007.  "Hotel Security".  The Arcadia Weekly.

July 27, 2007.  "Travelers Face Greater Use of Personal Data".  The Washington Post.

July 26, 2007.  "Canadian NGO workers maintain a low profile".  NGO workers travel discreetly to avoid kidnappings in Afghanistan.  The Globe and Mail.

July 26, 2007.  "Business travelers lack emergency support".  Management Issues.

July 25, 2007.  "The eyes have it".  Iris scanning speeds security process at British airports.  CNN Business Traveler.

July 25, 2007.  "Know Before You Go: Airport Security Q&A".  Independent Traveler.

July 23, 2007.  "Where in the World Are Your Travelers: Sabre Launches Affordable Solution to Quickly Locate All Corporate Travelers Worldwide".  Business Wire.

July 23, 2007.  "Survey: Business Travelers Feel Less Safe".

July 23, 2007.  "Op-Ed: Registered Traveler Program Rising, Despite Remaining Misconceptions".  Business Travel New Magazine.

July 23, 2007.  "U.S. Business Travelers Agree: Firms Have a Responsibility to Protect Employees".  Hotel Interactive.

July 23, 2007.  "In-room safes offer simple security for hotel guests; memories are more complicated".  Caribbean Tourism.

July 22, 2007.  "Official Takes Blame for Passport Mess".

July 20, 2007.  "Airplane ban on lighters ends Aug. 4".  USA Today.

July 20, 2007.  "Business Travel Risks".  Professional Security Magazine Online.

July 16, 2007.  "When it comes to business travel, it pays to prepare for medical emergencies".  International Herald Tribune.

June 29, 2007.  "DHS and DOS to tighten up land and sea borders".  Security Document World.

June 26, 2007.  "Be Smart Before You Hit the Road: HiWired's Six Technology Travel Tips You Can't Live Without".  Business Wire.

June 19, 2007.  "NBTA in security drive".  Internet Travel News.

June 15, 2007.  "Germs On Board: How to Stay Safe".  Travel health on airplanes.  Washington Post.

June 13, 2007.  "Business travelers exposed to health risks".  Life on the Road, CNN Travel.

June 8, 2007.  "Companies focus on boosting security".  The News & Observer.

June 8, 2007.  "Feds may suspend border passport rule".  Business Week.

June 5, 2007.  "Expert tips for business travel safety".

May 24, 2007.  "How To Reduce Travel Stress". Stress Management.

March 25, 2007.  Proven Tips on Avoiding Traveler's Diarrhea.  The Washington Post.

February 13, 2007.  "Chertoff reiterates support for PASS Card and national ID".

August 26, 2006.  "Business travel - risky business?"  Management Issues.

February, 16, 2006.  "Most Dangerous Destinations 2006".  News article about travel advisories from private sector firms.

January 12, 2006.  "New study on travelers cites health dangers".  International Herald Tribune.

March 8, 2005.  "Insurance for emergency air evacuation can pay off".  USA Today.

December 20, 2004.  "Increased Travel Raises Health and Safety Concerns".  Chubb Rolls Out New Policy to Help Protect American Travelers".  Yahoo News.

May 21, 2004.  "Practical books for business travelers".  International Herald Tribune.


National Business Travel Association "Top News of the Day".

Air Safety Online News.


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