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"No Fudge For You"

Home > How to Volunteer > Troop Greeting at BIA > No Fudge For You

Learn about "officials" at Bangor International Airport who
decided in 2007 that well-wishers should not give cookies
and fudge to our returning troops.

BIA Official to Troops:  "No Fudge For You"

"Officials" at the Bangor International Airport (BIA) have now decided that the troops leaving for or returning from the combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan might be in peril if subjected to home-made cookies and brownies from the many well-wishers that meet the military flights at BIA.  According to statements by the airport's assistant director, Tony Caruso, and the airport's director, Rebecca Hupp, the policy is being implemented in the interests of food safety.  As though Grandma's fudge would do harm to soldiers returning from 15 months of being shot at, driving through I.E.D.s, and eating and living in extremely austere and unsanitary conditions.  The troop greeters at BIA are a huge morale booster to our American soldiers and the Bangor International Airport officials just ruined a part of that experience.  See the following links for more on the story:

"Troop greeters barred from handing out food", June 20, 2007, Bangor Daily News.

"Airport: No More Free Food for Soldiers", June 21, 2007, Portland Press Herald.

"Bangor's ban on treats for troops a half-baked idea", June 24, 2007, Portland Press Herald

Want to do something about this?

If you want to tell Bangor International Airport (BIA) how you feel about this send them an email by going to their contact page on their website and leave them a message:

Read more news articles about this amazing story.

"Airport Tries to Rein In Greeters' Generosity Toward Troops", June 21, 2007, New York Times.

"Surrender those whoopie pies!", June 25, 2007, Portland Press Herald.

"Chips are down for returning vets", June 27, 2007, The Buffalo News.

"Airport Checkin: Troops Treats Banned", June 21, 2007, USA Today.

"Airport enforces ban on food giveaways to troops", June 20, 2007, The Boston Globe.

"Let troops eat homemade cake or cookies - sheesh!", June 26, 2007, East Valley Tribune.

"Are cookies more dangerous than I.E.D.'s?",  June 23, 2007.  The Plank.

"Airport protects soldiers from goodies", June 25, 2007,

"Cookies are the latest casualty of war", June 25, 2007, VA Watchdog.

"Vendors vs. Veterans", June 20, 2007, Slublog.  More on the Bangor International Airport bureaucrats and the troop greeters providing goodies to the troops.

"Cookie crackdown", June 25, 2007, Ventura County Star.  Editorial finds fault with Bangor International Airport.

"Let troops decide", June 26, 2007, Daily Independent.

"Airport Check-in: Bangor bans some treats for troops", June 25, 2007, USA Today: Today in the Sky.

"No more cookies?", June 28, 2007, The Montana Standard.

"No more free food for soldiers", June 21, 2007, Blog: Escape for a sec.

"You won't believe this casualty of war", June 24, 2007, Detroit Free Press.

"Shame on Bangor International Airport", June 21, 2007, Blog: My Life As A Military Spouse.

"Saving troops from fudge", June 27, 2007, TC Palm.

"Bangor protects troops from new threat - fudge", June 26, 2007, Polk Online.

"Airport enforces ban on food giveaways to troops", June 20, 2007, Maine News Updates.

"Pointy-headed bureaucrats end free cookies for soldiers", As Maine Goes.

"The stunning insensitivity of Bangor International Airport defies belief", June 25, 2007, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.


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