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Home > Vehicle Security > Tire Safety and Care

Tire Maintenance and Care Info

"How To Read a Tire".  Handyman USA.

Recreational Vehicle Tire Care and Safety Guide.  Autopedia.

"Riding on Good Tires".  New Vehicle Safety Guide by

"Be Tire Smart - Play Your Part".  Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, Thread.  Tire Information Resource.

Defects & Recalls.  Search for vehicle and tire recalls on  Office of Defects Investigation, NHTSA.

Tires & Car Care.  Consumer Reports.

Tire Care and Tips.  Michelin.

Tire Facts.

University of Tires.  Pirelli.  Info on tire description, markings, conversions, and tire damage.

Winter Tire Tips.

Tire Safety Links.  Toyo Tires.
Tire Safety Tips

Driving Safety Tips - Summer Tire Care.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  The NHTSA has a tire safety video with good tire safety info.  To view the video click on

"The Complete Tire Safety Guide".  By Goodyear Tires.

Tire Basics: Tire Safety.  Del-Nat Tire Corporation.

Tire Care & Safety.  Federico Tire.

Tire Care and Safety.

"Tire Safety Brochure".  Rubber Manufacturers Association.

"Be Tire Smart".  Tire Safety Curriculum, safety brochures, and more about tire safety for instructors, teen drivers, and new drivers.  Rubber Manufacturers Association.

Tire Safety.  General Tire.

Tire Safety.  Ford Motor Company.

The Complete Tire Safety Guide.  Goodyear Tires.

Tire Safety.  Hankook Tire USA.

Tire Safety.  National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA).

Tire Safety.  Transport Canada Road Safety.

Tire Safety.  Wikipedia.

Tire Safety Starts Here.  Tire Industry Association.

Tire Safety Tips.

Tire Safety Articles.  Tire Guard USA.

Tire Safety: Benefits of Temperature & Pressure Monitoring.  Drive To Survive.

Tire Safety: How Smart Are You?  National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI).  Sponsored by Bridgestone / Firestone.

Tire Speed Ratings.  Use this chart as a way to help assist high performance vehicle owners when choosing replacement tires to match the speed capabilities of their vehicles.  Dunn Tire.

Tire Tread Safety Facts.  Smart Tread.

Video on How to Change a Flat Tire.  Expert Village.

"What To Do If You Have a Blowout on the Highway".  National Safety Council.
Run-Flat Tires

Description of Run Flat Tire System.  Provided by International Armoring Corporation.

Michelin PAX System.  Run-flat tires.

Description of Run-Flats.  Provided by Lasco International Group.

Hutchinson Industries, Inc.  Military applications and run-flat tires.

"Run Flat Tires: A New Standard Rising".  MSN Autos - News and Advice.  In-depth online article about "Run Flat" tires and car models that are equipped with these tires.

July 1, 2006.  "Run-Flat Tires Offer Drivers A Sense of Security".

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Tire Safety News Articles

April 20, 2008.  "National Tire Safety Week Starts Today".  Occupational Health and Safety Magazine.

April 18, 2008.  "Check Your Tires, Save Yourself and the Environment".  ACED Magazine.

April 17, 2008.  "Tire maintenance critical to road safety, fuel economy and tire life".  Earth Times.

April 15, 2008.  "NTSW Be Tire Smart Kit Available Online".  Tire Review Online.

April 3, 2008.  "How to change a flat tire - For Monique & other women".  Angelika's Blog.

April 1, 2008.  "NHTSA offers tire and safety seat recall alerts".  Consumer Reports Blog.

March 28, 2008.  "Toyota Sienna AWD run-flat tires: No worse for wear".  Consumer Reports Blog.

March 4, 2008.  "Proper Tire Maintenance Can Enhance Performance: How to Buy Tires and Care for Them".  Progressive Auto Insurance.

March 4, 2008.  "Redesigned tires section - tire ratings and sizes now easier to find".  Consumer Reports Blog.

November 4, 2007.  "Tire recalls show flaws in system".  Myrtle Beach

October 23, 2007.  "Measure Your Tire Pressure Regularly This Winter".

October 12, 2007.  "Deputies making the switch to nitrogen-filled tires".  NBC2 News Online.

September 24, 2007.  "Best Tires for Traffic Safety".  Michael's Blog.

September 12, 2007.  "Tire Industry Helping New Drivers Become Safe Drivers".  Be Tire Smart (RMA).

September 17, 2007.  "Tire Pressure Sensors Now Standard On New Cars".

September 1, 2007.  "Your Tire Counts".  Integrated Powerful Solutions.

August 30, 2007.  "How is Snow Tire Chain Important?"  Tutorial Free.

August 17, 2007.  "Hot Weather, Under-Inflated Tires = Recipe for Disaster".  Occupational Health & Safety.

August 9, 2007.  "Be Responsible with Regular Tire Maintenance".

August 8, 2007.  "Taking tires for granted".  Trucks at Work Blog.

August 7, 2007.  "Tire Care Saves Gas, Gas, Gas".  Lemon Laws Blog.

August 4, 2007.  "Importer plans to recall 250,000 tires from China".   South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

July 19, 2007.  "Extreme Summer Putting the Heat on Tires".  KESQ Palm Springs.

June 28, 2007.  "Suspect Chinese tires sold here".  Union-Tribune (San Diego).


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